Custom Cabinetry and Built-Ins

Designing and building custom cabinetry and built-ins requires good planning, inspired design, and a collaboration with carpenters, electricians and plumbers. Appleton Design Group, a design-build firm, is perfectly suited to bring all these elements together.

Custom cabinetry can give you exactly the features you want for your particular style. What custom cabinetry does best is make the most of limited space; they can be created for almost any nook or cranny in a house.

What Custom Cabinetry and Built-ins can do

Good built in cabinetry can create an interior landscape in which highly functional furnishings blend harmoniously into their surroundings. Built in cabinets can be designed and finished to both accentuate or blend in seamlessly with your particular style. Built-ins can be also be constructed to accomodate certain objects, make use of an unusual space, create a space within a space, and they can be designed to make a minimal demand on floor space. Built-ins can be made look like they have always been there, or they can create their own impressive, visually exciting statement, creating its own context within its surroundings.

Never did i imagine when i asked nathalie to create a bunk bed for my four year old that i would end up with something this wonderful. the space was awkward and she immediately suggested we build a custom piece. i had no idea that she would create basically a sleep and play oasis on which all my children would want to spend time. the basic frame is fashioned after a tractor including circular peak holes, a crane as the railing and big wheels as the base. the subtle shape is recognizable but not gaudy. the glossy white finish with the built in shelves and nooks makes this very fun, functional and modern.

– Lexington, MA resident

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