Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is often the most personal and private room in the house; they can be sanctuary spaces where you can surround yourself with well-designed and aesthetic objects that reflect your personality and taste. The success of a bathroom remodel depends how much thought has been put into the design. Is it a powder room on the first floor used mostly by guests? A master bath? A bath used for less-abled people? Appleton Design can help you plan and build a bathroom that meets your specific needs.

Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel

Our interior designer and our construction manager can create a bathroom for you that meets your needs. Our extensive knowledge and experience in both aesthetics and construction allows us to guide our clients through all of the considerations related to budget, function and design creating plans that will transform your bath into the extraordinary space you’ve dreamed of. We are not satisfied until we have designed and built a space that reflects the desires (known at the outset or not) of our clients.


We are a highly efficient team of designers and contractors that can design and build a distinct new or renovated interior without a lot of the additional stress that comes with hiring multiple entities. We can handle your entire project; not only do we design your new bathroom and vanities, but we have all the the sub-contractors available involved including plumbers, electricians, painters so you don’t have added things to do. 

Nathalie was able to do what one architect and two seasoned contractors could not – she was able to transform two tiny bathrooms and a closet into 2 gorgeous full bathrooms. Nathalie came in, listened to what was important to me and then like magic, she designed a layout that was functional and beautiful. I still can’t believe the end result!

– Town of Carlisle resident


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